Chris Robson

Insights Technology Leader

Chris Robson

Chris Robson

Insights Technology Leader


Over the years I have been very active in the Insights and Data Analytics industry. Here you will find a few examples of the presentations and thought leadership pieces I have produced. Hopefully you find something of interest here!

If you would like me to speak at your conference or write a thought piece for your publication then please reach out to me here.

Beyond Chat for Insights

My appearance on the Now That’s Significant Podcast, talking about how we go beyond Chat to use AI for Insights workflows.

Still Human

Still Human: Why Consumer Closeness Matters in an AI-Driven World.

Promise and Pitfalls of Synthetic Data

The idea of Synthetic Data has caused quite a buzz lately - with people emphasizing both the possibilities and the dangers that it will bring. In this Insights Association Town Hall a panel of us explored what we should be excited about - and what should give us pause.

Think Workflow, Not Chat

When it comes to AI: Think Workflow, not Chat!

One of the frustrating things about the newly-discovered excitement about the new AI tools is that people have become narrowly-focused on ‘chat.’

After the Party Tricks

After the Party Tricks - Using AI for Real Work

How do you go beyond the fun of re-writing a report in the voice of a pirate to actually performing real work? In this presentation I look at the three biggest problems you will meet when trying to use current AI models for work, and show how we can solve them.

Taking You to the Future

This Talk Will Take You Into The Future With Chris Robson - Prognostications on the Metaverse

Language Models will Transform Insights

I don’t like to brag, but this is my ’told you so’ moment. Before the release of ChatGPT the majority of people in the Insights Industry were blissfully unaware of language models. Eighteen months before that I gave this talk as a bit of a heads-up/warning. Some people took notice.

Unleash the Snek

The Research and Insights Industry needs to retool - fast!

Let's Build Some AI

Let’s build a Neural Network to detect facial expressions - from scratch!